Frequently Asked Questions

The JavaScript API does not work for my model or domain.

For security reasons, three restrictions apply:

  • A domain whitelist is maintained for each client. If a specific domain is not on the list, please reach out to us.
  • The JavaScript API must be explicitly enabled for each client.
  • The application which embeds Vulp must be running in a secure context.

Are TypeScript types available?

Yes, we are currently using TypeScript types for internal purposes and plan to release them to the public in the coming months.

I think I found a bug or issue.

Please contact us so that we can enhance the Vulp API. Avoid resorting to workarounds; your feedback is invaluable in improving our API.

How can i get in touch?

Reach out to the creators of Vulp at https://www.vulp.studio/en/contact/.