@vulp/js-api > VulpApiModel

VulpApiModel class

Vulp API model class. Represents a single Vulp API model instance (enclosed in an iframe).


export declare class VulpApiModel 


The constructor for this class is marked as internal. Third-party code should not call the constructor directly or create subclasses that extend the VulpApiModel class.


activateAr()Activates the Augmented Reality (AR) mode.
changeColor(colorGroupId, colorId)Selects the color of a color group.
changeCustomizeOption(customizeGroupId, customizeOptionId)Selects the customize option of a customize group.
changeOverlay(overlayId, active)Show or hide overlay.
getModelConfig()Retrieves the model configuration.
getViewConfig()Retrieves the view configuration.
onArActivated(handler)Registers a handler to be executed when the AR mode is activated.
onModelUpdated(handler)Registers a handler to be executed when the model is updated. For example when a color is changed or a customize option is selected. By registering a handler, the model configuration can be updated in the parent application.
onReady(handler)Registers a handler to be executed when the model is ready.
onViewUpdated(handler)Registers a handler to be executed when the view is updated.
toggleCustomizeHotspots(active)Shows or hides the customize hotspots.
toggleInformationHotspots(active)Shows or hides the information hotspots.