js-api package

A JavaScript library for interacting with a Vulp model.


Please note that the Vulp API needs to be enabled for a model for this library to work.

Please report any issues to the Vulp team.


VulpApiVulp API library (singleton).
VulpApiModelVulp API model class. Represents a single Vulp API model instance (enclosed in an iframe).


ApiErrorCodesThe error codes that can be thrown by the Vulp API.


IApiHotspotViewConfigInterface for hotspot configuration.
IApiModelColorConfigInterface for model color configuration.
IApiModelColorGroupConfigInterface for model color group configuration.
IApiModelConfigInterface for model configuration.
IApiModelCustomizeGroupConfigInterface for customize groups configuration.
IApiModelCustomizeOptionConfigInterface for customize option configuration.
IApiOverlayViewConfigInterface for overlay configuration.
IApiViewConfigInterface for view configuration.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription
ApiARActivatedMessageHandlerHandler for incoming AR activated message (called on every activation).
ApiARActivatedMessagePayloadPayload for the AR activated message.
ApiModelUpdatedMessageHandlerHandler for incoming model updates (called on every update).
ApiModelUpdatedMessagePayloadPayload for the model updated message.
ApiReadyMessageHandlerHandler for incoming ready message (called once).
ApiReadyMessagePayloadPayload for the ready message.
ApiViewUpdatedMessageHandlerHandler for incoming view updates (called on every update).
ApiViewUpdatedMessagePayloadPayload for the view updated message.